"I didn’t realise how valuable your deep experience with 100s of startups and corporates would be”





SURGE is not a consultancy or a marketing agency.

We don’t build slide decks, we build customer value.

The SURGE team works with corporate innovators to build and scale innovations using  techniques deployed by unicorn startups and the big five (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Apple).

We have practical experience testing several different methodologies that has helped us to learn what gets results. The most common results we achieve is a rapid increase in revenue, reduction in time to market of new projects, garnering funding for new initiatives and enabling fatally flawed projects to pivot or be shut down quickly, saving time and money.

To date our team have assisted on several dozen corporate projects, trained over 1000 entrepreneurs and accelerated 96 startups.


About us

CEO, South African insuretech company

Floris Buys

Founder & CXO

Our Values:

  • Humility - Always keep learning. Assume every person you meet knows something you don't.
  • Frugality - Adopt a lean mindset. Eliminate wasteful expenditure, internally and for clients.
  • Generosity - Open knowledge sharing. Give more than what is expected.




Paul Smith


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