The way the World works has changed... change the way you work.


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We turn corporations into hyperscale startups.

Helping teams work better together to drive breakout success.


Proudly admitting one can’t do everything yourself.


Evolve your organisation to navigate industry disruption.  


SURGE coach, train and mentor teams to build and scale innovations faster using the latest business management methods and techniques.

We are not a consultancy or an agency and as far as possible we try to stay away from building slide decks and instead focus on outcomes.

We believe in a scientific approach to innovation, where gut-feel and HIPPOs (highest paid person’s opinions) are replaced with carefully planned experimentation to test a specific hypothesis and collect customer insights that informs the decision to pivot, persevere or kill the current strategy. The result is reaching product market fit in the shortest possible time while preventing wasteful expenditure associated with executing unvalidated business cases.

To date our team has assisted on several dozen corporate projects, trained over 1000 entrepreneurs and accelerated 96 startups.

Our team has worked with large listed companies like Standard Bank, ABSA, MMI, Hollard, Sanlam and Alexander Forbes; educational institutions like UCT Graduate School of business, Rhodes Business School and NOSA as well as hundreds of startups and business owners.

Our clients find our services valuable because we have deep experience working with hundreds of different companies across a wide variety of industries. We have practical experience testing several different methodologies that has helped us to learn what gets results. The most common results we achieve with our clients is a rapid increase in revenue, reduction in time to market, garnering funding for new initiatives and enabling fatally flawed projects to change direction or be shut down quickly, saving time and money.

“The Surge team has a vast breadth of experience and knows how to get the message through” 

"I would highly recommend Surge to anyone looking to modernize their business"

“Working with Surge has been great and has opened our eyes to new exciting possibilities"

XLink, CEO

Multichoice, Head of Innovation

King Price, Partner e-Business

Condense potentially months of work into a few days.


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